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Why Credit Card Transaction Was Declined?

You have just entered your payment details, did the debit/credit card transaction fail appear in checkout?

* Unsuccessful Card Payments

Debit and credit card payments can be unsuccessful for a number of reasons. If an error message appears on your screen after you try to pay, or if we confirm your payment has not been successful, then you have not been charged.

* Single Order Payment Exceed 6,000 USD

Due to credit card payment collection agency's regulation, per order or single order payment should not exceed 6,000USD,otherwise, your payment will be rejected by the system.

If you want to purchase more than 6,000 USD items by one single order, such as buying 10 pics vivi ebikes at one time, we highly recommend you to split the order into 2 orders or even more.

You can also use an alternative payment method - either contact us or use Paypal (if possible).

* Payment Declined By Your Bank

The most common reason for an unsuccessful card payment is that your bank has declined it. This means they have sent a 'Do Not Honour' response to Viviebike,due to the oversea large amount transaction.

It's normal for them to stop a payment that they might perceive to be unusually large or to a new and unknown recipient - just in case.

The best way to resolve this is to give your issuer bank a quick call by the given number on the back of your credit card( It normally offer 24 hours phone call service), let them know it is you making this payment and that Viviebikes a trusted recipient. Once they've confirmed this, you can try the payment again on

* 3D Secure Verification Issue

Because we use 3D Secure credit card payment method to ensure your credit card and shopping security. It means that you will receive one-time password with registered bank mobile phones number and emails for authentication.

For more, click 3D Secure Verification Issue

If your card is flagged as not 3D Secure, or if you're having issues with the 3D Secure data not being accepted (Verified by Visa/Mastercard Secure etc.), it is best to contact your bank to confirm if there is an issue and to make sure your card is 3D Secure.

Or This may occur if the customer closes the browser when he / she is required to enter 3D authentication information at issuer bank webpage; or the customer cannot access 3D authentication page of issuer bank due to various reasons, e.g. disabled cookies.

If the issue persists, you can use an alternative card or just change to pay by Paypal (if possible).

* Browser Issues

Some anti-virus or firewall software can affect your card payment. With anti-virus software, please add viviebike( to the list of "safe merchants". Please also make sure that any anti'virus or firewall software that you have installed will allow pop ups.

* Insufficient Funds

Your bank might also stop your card payment if there isn't enough money in your account or if you have a per-transaction limit. They could also be treating your payment as 'cash withdrawal'.

Other banks may treat card payments cash withdrawal, meaning your cash withdrawal limit will apply.

To find out more or to adjust your limits, please get in touch with your bank. It can take some time for the changes to take effect, so we recommend paying by Paypal or setting up a smaller transfer in the meantime (if possible).

* Payment Declined By Viviebikes

In order to protect you from potentially fraudulent activity, we can also deny your payment. This is often because your card has been issued in a country which we do not currently support.|

If this is the case, you'll need to use an alternative payment method - a different card or Paypal (if possible).

* Other

In the majority of cases, card payments are unsuccessful due to one of the four reasons above. If you see a more generic error message, the best option is to try an alternative payment method such as Paypal (if possible).

If you still have problem for the payment,please contact us for more information and help.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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